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Montana and the Northwest are filled with the beauty of nature. High snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green valleys, trout-filled lakes, and flowing rivers make it a great place to escape. How about the stillness of snow-covered meadows and freshly powdered ski slopes? That is not to mention the abundant wildlife there is to cherish.

These notable features are not just to observe but to enjoy. Kayaking or rafting on a scenic river refreshes the soul. Picking wild huckleberries is a mouth-watering treat. How about having your boat on an early-morning lake waiting to land that lunker trout? Snowmobiling, snowboarding, cross-country, and downhill skiing opportunities abound. Then there is the joy of festivals that celebrate the land and cultures of the Northwest.

All this can be yours with a Great Northern Cabin. The satisfaction of having a base camp from which to launch out on your adventure comes with owning your cabin. Then when it is time to put up your feet and reflect upon the joys of the day, you have a safe and warm place to retreat. Please contact us to see how our affordable prefabricated cabins are.

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